The Chaga Life

Here at The Chaga Company, we extend our philosophy of complete wellness into all facets of our daily routine.

We call it “Chaga Life” - using premium products in nurturing environments to foster outrageous health and joyful community.

Now you can experience Chaga Life for yourself with our Chaga Life event series. Join us at teas, dinners, picnics and special gatherings featuring fine cuisine in a sophisticated environment with a focus on health and relaxation.


Chef Akiko Sunazawa of The French Laundry furnishes a diverse tasting menu for each event, every dish showcasing Chaga products and ingredients. Our Chaga Company partners – including Santa Barbara Hives, La Calle Studios, and Rosalind Bakery – all bring their unique products and energy to enrich the Chaga Life experience.


Currently we are planning Chaga Life events in the Santa Barbara on Santa Barbara Bee Hives on July 17. 2021

Contact us today at to secure an invitation, or to inquire about customizing your own Chaga Life event.

The Chaga Company - Make Life Happen

Live The Chaga Life

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