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Fall and winter each bring their own special time at The Chaga Company. By mid-October, most of the birch trees are shedding their leaves in preparation for a winter sleep that brings new growth of chaga mushrooms. As winter rolls around, We prepare to make our warmer teas, spicer cacao, and our intensely researched ceremonial matcha.

Our Chaga Company gifts are curated to help you find the right match for your friends, relatives, and customers. Our selection has something for just about everyone, whether it’s the classic match of fine selection of chaga infused teas, to our chaga ceremonial matcha gift set, or a subscription to one of our beloved Chaga Club program. Take a peek at our SHOP section and if something catches your eye that would be even better with your own customization, give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


Early Bird Discounts

Must be 12 or more of the same gift box to qualify

Number of Gifts          Before Nov 20          After Nov 20

     12-20                              13%                                8%

     21-50                              17%                               12%

     51-100                            20%                             15%

      100+                               25%                             20%

Ceremonial Matcha Set

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