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Gavin Escolar, Purveyor and Founder of The Chaga Company, born in the Philippines and raised in San Francisco, CA. With design, fashion, and being a natural entrepreneur at heart, Gavin followed his passion and found a true love for Chaga. After a successful career and true passion in multi-national jewelry design it was time to apply these skills into another art form. A true artist breathes creativity and passion in their line of work, and Gavin continues to craft amazing teas, hot chocolates, tinctures and powders in all our products. After spending a lot of time in Alaska to learn about mushrooms and Chaga, Gavin is planning to also use the best Chaga from Nepal. Just like selecting the best diamonds, picking the best Chaga in a forest full of specimens is a true art. Gavin also holds true to the belief - of the 4C’s (like diamonds) in a successful business - sourcing practices, timing, sustainability, partnerships. All craftsmanship is based in San Francisco, CA.


Perfection. A diamond in the rough. The Chaga Company. 

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