Barbara's Elixir of Life Concentrate
  • Barbara's Elixir of Life Concentrate

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    Barbara’s Elixir of Life Potion, Concentrate . 80% coffee, 20% herbal/mushroom mixture: of the 20%: 50% cacao 15% chaga, , 10% monk fruit, mixed with resihi, turkey tail, maca, cayenne, cinnamon.

    This recipe is from Barbara Liu, performance artist, her elixir of life – keeps her looking young. Part of a holistic system, connects her to the Earth, the sources of life and energy that have nourished humans since we were born.


    10 ounces, makes 15 cups of coffee potion. make coldbrew, hot cup of mushroom coffee, a chaga shot or even chaga latte. High in Caffiene, we recommend not to take more than 3 ounces per day. Refrigerate after opening. Lasts for 90 days.


    We also make chagamisu with it. 

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